Summer Road Trip Car Maintenance Checklist

Mazda Summer Tips

As we embrace the warmth and joy of summer, don’t forget to prioritize routine Mazda maintenance. By taking the time to perform essential summer maintenance tasks, you can ensure a safe and smooth journey to your destinations. At Mazda Orland Park, our dedicated Mazda Service Center is here to assist you in keeping your vehicle in optimal condition. Schedule your summer maintenance appointment with us today and enjoy a worry-free summer on the road!

Revitalizing Visibility with New Wiper Blades and Refreshed Wiper Fluid

Months of battling snow, ice, and rain can wear out your wiper blades. With frequent summer rain showers, functional wiper blades are essential for clear visibility on the road. Consider replacing your wiper blades if they have lost effectiveness. Additionally, ensure your wiper fluid reservoir is adequately filled to quickly remove summer rain or dust that may obstruct your view.

Preserving Your Vehicle’s Longevity with an Oil Change

Regular oil changes significantly extend your vehicle’s lifespan. Engine oil plays a critical role in ensuring smooth engine operation and lubricating its components. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes contaminated, losing its lubrication effectiveness. It is generally recommended to change your vehicle’s oil every three months or after driving approximately 3,000 miles. Count on our Mazda Service Center to efficiently handle your oil change needs.

Optimal Tire Pressure for a Smooth Ride

Summer’s ever-changing temperatures can lead to tire pressure fluctuations and an increased risk of flat tires. Regularly checking your tire pressure is crucial to avoid inconvenient roadside tire changes. Skilled technicians at our Mazda Service Center can inspect your tires, ensuring they are properly inflated. This minimizes the chance of flat tires while optimizing handling and fuel efficiency.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility with a Deep Clean of Your Vehicle’s Lighting System

Have you noticed reduced visibility when driving at night? Accumulated dirt could be causing a hazy glow from your headlights and taillights. Before considering replacements, thoroughly clean them. If the brightness doesn’t improve, installing new lights may be necessary for your safety and visibility on the road. Schedule service appointment at our Mazda Service Center to enhance your vehicle’s lighting system today! 

Ensuring Optimal Performance with a Car Battery Assessment

Your car’s battery may not be operating at its best after enduring a long and freezing winter. The transition from colder to warmer temperatures during the summer months can cause battery fluids to evaporate and corrosion to accelerate. To guarantee proper functioning, a battery test is vital. Visit our Mazda Service Center for a comprehensive battery evaluation and, if needed, assistance in replacing it with a reliable and long-lasting battery.

Trustworthy Mazda Auto Service That Goes Beyond Your Expectations

At Mazda of Orland Park, we go above and beyond just assisting you in finding your perfect Mazda. Our exceptional service department is dedicated to addressing all your vehicle needs, ranging from repairs to routine maintenance appointments. Explore our exclusive service specials today to make the most of your visit. Whether you prefer to drop by our Mazda dealer at your convenience or schedule a Mazda service appointment online, our skilled mechanics are committed to ensuring a swift and satisfactory experience, leaving you with a smile as you drive away.

Visit Mazda Orland Park!

Looking for a Mazda near me? Mazda of Orland Park is not your typical car dealership. We are now an employee-owned Mazda dealer staffed with long-term employees who will continue to give you the award-winning customer service you expect. We have a great selection of new and used vehicles, or you can order a new Mazda online. We have a great Mazda service department with equally amazing service specials and professionally trained technicians and mechanics who love working on Mazda models. Stop by for excellent summer Mazda maintenance near me today!

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