Mazda Electric Vehicle Coming Soon

Mazda electric vehicle

The technology and capability for electric vehicles is improving every day. These options are becoming more practical for the average person. Electric vehicles can help be better for the planet, and they can help people save on gas money. This could be a great option for you, so be sure to check out the new Mazda Electric Vehicle that is coming your way soon. Learn more below.

The new Mazda Electric Vehicle is still in the development stage, but it will be debuting in Tokyo soon, so it will be something to look forward to. What do we know about this new Mazda EV right now?

According to Motor1 News, “The EV will reportedly rely on a 141-horsepower electric motor for motivation. A relatively small 35.5-kilowatt-hour battery pack will supply power to the motor. To combat the battery pack’s limited range, Mazda will also offer the electric vehicle with a range extender option to quell the needs of North American buyers.”

This all-electric Mazda vehicle will be coming your way soon. It will not only be an all-electric vehicle, but it will also have some great technology and luxury features. It is likely to be released sometime in 2020, but until then, there are a lot of other great Mazda vehicles to check out. If you are looking for a SUV, there are some great options in the Mazda CX-5 and the Mazda CX-9.

It is also the 30th anniversary of the sports car the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Also, Mazda is coming out with an all new vehicle called the Mazda CX-30 that will be a new small crossover SUV. You can come down to Mazda of Orland Park to check out some of these great vehicles. Also, we will be sure to update you when we have more information on the all-new all-electric Mazda vehicle.

Are you excited about the Mazda EV that is coming your way soon? Mazda is known for crafting beautiful vehicles that are fun to drive, and this Mazda electric vehicle should be no different. This could be a great vehicle to put on your list to check out. In the meantime, you can come down to Mazda of Orland Park to check out other Mazda vehicles for sale. Mazda of Orland Park is a Mazda dealer near me, so stop by and see us today.


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