Explore the Coolness of the Mazda3 Infotainment System

Mazda3 Infotainment System

A setup most commonly found in luxury cars, the Mazda3’s new Infotainment System gives the vehicle a premium feel. With a unique setup, the system is controlled primarily by a rotary dial and volume knob locations between the front seats. Around the primary dial are useful, hard buttons for navigation, media, home screen, and back, and there are additional controls on the steering wheel. The system also features the Mazda backup camera through the rear-view monitor, which offers clear visibility of a wide area to ensure safety when the vehicle is in reverse or parking.

Because the system does not rely on clunky touchscreens, the 8.8-inch infotainment display is positioned high on the dash, up near the windshield, which makes it closer to the driver’s field of vision. Making it easier for the driver to see the screen, such as with the Mazda navigation system, means a quick glance at the screen won’t force the driver to take their eyes off the road for as long as it would with a touchscreen positioned within arm’s reach of the driver. Many of the system’s features are also accessible through voice command, which does not require the driver to touch or make eye contact with the system’s interface. In this way, the functionality of the system is combined with enhanced safety and convenience for both drivers and passengers.

App Integration

In terms of app integration, the Mazda infotainment system is uniquely designed to give drivers distraction-free driving while also supplying the convenience of a smartphone’s features on the road. Bluetooth connection is standard across all vehicles, and Mazda Connect links with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to give drivers and passengers the ability to play music directly from their music library and access contact lists straight from their smartphone. Listening to music in the Mazda3 is a dynamic experience, and the vehicle has an optional Bose stereo for high-fidelity audio. The system’s controls make changing the track or adjusting the volume from both the center knob or the steering wheel effortless and worry-free.

The Mazda infotainment also offers Mazda3 navigation, a high-tech navigation system, as an add-on option, or drivers can choose to access other apps like Google Maps or Waze via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Additionally, the system connects automatically with Mazda’s Mobile Start app, which features remote start, lock, and unlock, as well as assistance with locating the vehicle when parked in an unfamiliar location, among other things.


As for appearance, the new system features glossy piano black trim around the controls and shifter, creating a premium look and experience. The center rotating knob is designed with satisfying tactility and substantive heft, which is also found in the smaller volume and control knobs. The controls are comfortable to use, and adding to the safety and convenience, easy to find with one’s hand without needing to look down. The system’s display screen presents an elegant, premium-looking interface and design, and it immediately responds to the driver’s inputs.

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