How to Unlock a Push-to-Start Mazda Steering Wheel

How to fix a locked Mazda push-to-start steering wheel

Push Button Start Positions

The Mazda Push-to-Start system operates only when the key is within operational range. Each time the push button start is pressed, the ignition switches in the order of off, ACC, and ON. Pressing the push button starts again from ON and switches the ignition off.

How to Fix Push-to-Start Steering Wheel Locked

Is your Mazda Push-to-Start not working? It might be because your steering wheel is locked. Follow these instructions to unlock your Mazda Push-to-Start Steering Wheel: 


  • If the push button start indicator light (green) is flashing and the beep sound is heard, this indicates that the steering wheel is not unlocked. To unlock the steering wheel, press the push button start while moving the steering wheel left and right.


Some electrical accessories will operate and the indicator light (amber) illuminates. In this position, the steering wheel is unlocked.

Unlocking A Steering Wheel: Quick Tips To Ensure Success

When trying to unlock your steering wheel, avoid using brute force. You can’t use brute force to unlock a locked steering wheel; in doing so, you could wind up causing more damage than good. For this procedure, applying even pressure and going slowly and carefully is best and most effective.

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